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A place for founders to learn through challenges, Furbito collects interesting challenges that will inspire you to think out of the box and compel you to push your limits.

Share a demo tutorial video of you product.

Launched E-commerce startup: how you attract your first customer.

Craft some discount deals for clothing brand.

Share sales pitch of your SAAS product.

How you find your perfect team for your startup that help you to gain growth and profit?

Share your minimum viable product (MVP)

Write a compelling headline for clickbait

Idea validation: how will you validate your idea before jumping into building your venture?

Write a tagline for your product or service.

Outdoor advertisement challenge.

What will you do to beat up your competitor in terms of price.

Share equity among 4 founders with different job profile

Can you share the source of traffic to your website or app.

Upload your Adsense advertisement revenue with website link.

Explain what is so unique about your venture.

How will you demonstrate your product or service to a 6 year old child.

No money: how will you market your service or product in the market.

How you grow your email subscriber list up to 1000 subscribers?

For bloggers - share other sources of your income.

Compromise: Better UI or Better Features

Explain your startup in minimum words.

Share with us what sales channel you use for affiliate marketing

How you distribute equity as a non-tech founder?

Share a pitch deck for raising angel investment.

How you connect with other private advertisers?